Elevat: Connecting the World

Hi, It’s Tiffany, one of the organizers of the Eau Claire Global Market. I’m pretty much breaking all the rules by going to first person, but I’m having a hard time keeping myself out of these posts. Seriously, these organizations are all incredible! Elevat is another ‘new to us’ business joining us this year. Elevat provides sustainable income to talented artisans in 20 different countries. On their website, www.elevatin, has a unique feature where you can search their products by cause. I randomly chose, ‘Orphans and Families’ (what do you choose, when every category is so important?!). The item that immediately struck me was, ‘Syrian Refugee Scarf.’ It’s made by women in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan. The Syrian refugee experience has been weighing on me heavily. Learning about Elevat, I loved that 100% of the profit goes back to the artisans. It’s nice to know that when I lust over beautiful items, like this scarf, I can actually purchase it and know that I’m actually making difference in the life of someone in need . On November 9th, the world will feel a bit smaller and more connected.

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Introducing the Mayamam Weavers!!!

In recent years, the arduous, dangerous journey of many people to the USA from Central America, has been front page news. In the USA, it has been hard to know how to help the plight of individuals so far away. Finally here is a tangible way to help! Check out and purchase from Mayamam Weavers at the Eau Claire Global Market! Mayamam Weavers is an organization from Cajola, Guatemala that provides fair trade wages to 20 women in their community, so they don’t need to leave their families to seek financial security. Mayamam Weavers, formed in 2008, provides their weavers and seamstresses with fair trade wages, business skills, on-site childcare, and adult literacy classes. Buy these beautiful hand made textiles and go home guilt free! Check out the video below that showcases these talented women and their beautiful products! Check out their website for details at

Are You Cold? Check Out Divas Fair Trade

Divas Fair Trade is a terrific business. The founder and owner, Guisela Pinto, and her family come each year to sell at the Eau Claire Global Market. Guisela’s warm smile matches the beautiful warm items that she sells. Her alpaca mittens and hats are such a hit! Once you get over your obsession with the alpaca items, your eyes will scan the table and you will see the cutest knit hats, brightly decorated gourds, and other items that you didn’t even know that you needed! Divas Fair Trade lets you shop and feel comfortable knowing that you are supporting a business that puts strives for equality and sustainability into every item they sell. Learn more about this marvelous business and their background at divasfairtrade.com69968564_110474843517827_3480962394715110662_n

Grandmother Circles


We are are so excited to have Grandmother Circles joining us again this year. They have become known for selling terrific hats, mittens, jewelry, fabric goods, and stocking stuffers. Proceeds from this sale will go specifically to providing scholarships for 20 girls attending a boarding high school in Homa Bay, Kenya. Learn more at their blog:

Check out this fabulous video about Grandmother Circles here:

Heart of the Sky Fair Trade

The Eau Claire Global Market is excited to introduce you to Melinda Van Slyke of Spring Green, Wisconsin and her organization, Heart of the Sky Fair Trade: Fair Trade Textiles and Jewelry From Guatemala and Fair Trade Baskets From Ghana.

Melinda has a deep passion for social justice and human rights.  Melinda began importing fair trade textiles and bead work from Guatemala as a way to improve the lives of people that she met there while volunteering as a human rights observer in a refugee community.  Over the years she began selling fair trade baskets from Ghana. She makes it a point to source merchandise from family workshops, family run businesses, and women led cooperatives. 

You can check out Heart of the Sky Fair Trade at: