On November 9th, The Eau Claire Global Market Welcomes… Global Mamas


Gmomma2Comfort Amanor has been making beads in collaboration with Global Mamas since we first started incorporating jewelry into our line.  She is known for producing consistently high quality beads and being unafraid of a challenge: even producing the tiny “waist” beads doesn’t waive her upbeat attitude!

In addition to being the main provider for her children and nephews, a notable accomplishment in and of itself, over the years Comfort has saved up enough of her earnings to purchase a plot land.  Becoming a landowner in Ghana, particularly as a woman, is a truly remarkable achievement.


Even with inclusive laws in place to protect the right for women in Ghana to own land, the reality is that barriers remain.  Often a woman’s only claim to the land she relies on for food, income, and shelter is through her relationship to a male relative.  Due to lack of control, she can be easily displaced or exploited.  

Land owners control the resources and therefore bear the social, economic, and political power.  When women have secure rights to land their status improves and they are better able to take care of themselves and their families. Comfort is proud to be a landowner knowing it helps secure the future of her family.

With characteristic determination Comfort is already saving and planning towards her next goal. She looks forward to beginning construction on a new home for her family in coming years.

We are honored to have Comfort as a valued member of our community and are inspired by her accomplishments. Please join us in sending best wishes and CONGRATULATIONS to our Global Mama of the year!

— Courtesy of Global Mamas

The 2019 Eau Claire Global Market: The Place to Be, Whether You’re a Vendor or a Shopper

Since late March, the Eau Claire Global Market has been busy. Several committee members went to a similar event in MN and met past and potential vendors. By the end of April, 20 vendors had registered to attend the Eau Claire Global Market (ECGM). By the end of August, the ECGM reached capacity with 30 vendors! Following previous ECGM sales, several vendors commented on how curious the shoppers were to learn about their organizations. Many vendors also shared that they had terrific sales at the event. In 2018, the Eau Claire Global Market raised, $37,000 with just 20 vendors! The Eau Claire community’s curiosity and financial support makes it one of the best markets in the area. Many of our new vendors shared the event was recommended to them by another vendor.

There are 10 new vendors joining the market this year: Vetiver Solutions, Ubuntu Trade, Gifts With a Purpose,KYCCKares4Kids, Gifts for Change, Poverty Eradication Network of Tanzania, SAKA, Heart of the Sky Fair Trade, and Better Way Designs.

Come on November 9th to see our 30 terrific vendors, get your shopping for the holidays done early, warm your heart, and better the world!

The 2019 Eau Claire Global Market is November 9th, 2019 from 9 am-4 pm at 1st Congregational UCC, 300 Broadway St, Eau Claire WI. 

5 Fast Facts about the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market


1. Will I have to pay to get in?

No, this event is free and open to the public! You’ll only pay to shop (at which point, your money will go directly to individuals and organizations working hard to support in-need communities around the globe.)

2. Is the event all weekend long?

This event is one day only, so be sure to stop by between 9am and 4pm on Saturday, November 10.

3. Will there be food?
We know how difficult it can be to shop hungry, but don’t worry – food and beverages will be available for a small fee (the proceeds from which will go to support the folks organizing the food: The First Congregational Church’s youth group, which is raising money for a trip to Heifer International).

4. What can I expect to find?

You can look forward to seeing clothing, jewelry, art, coffee, home décor, Christmas decorations, and more from around the world.

5. What sets the Eau Claire Global Market apart from other events like this?

In addition to shopping opportunities that support people in need around the world, event attendees will be able to talk to informed vendors and learn about some of the wonderful projects taking place across the globe through these organizations’ efforts. You truly will be able to shop locally and help globally.


The 2018 Eau Claire Global Market will occur from 9am-4pm on Saturday, November 10 (1 week away!) at First Congregational UCC, 310 Broadway Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703. We look forward to seeing you there!

Consider yourself warned: Don’t miss the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market


There is already one person bemoaning the fact that she’s missing the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market. In addition to hand-woven baskets, saari blankets and one-of-a-kind jewelry, the Eau Claire Global Market can also boast of having for sale, in this nameless patron’s words, “the warmest mittens you’ll ever own.” She isn’t able to attend this year’s event to buy a second pair, and for that, we’re sorry. But for her sake, we’re warning you: Save the date for Saturday, November 10, because you won’t want to miss your chance to shop knit products from Divas Fair Trade (plus 21 other vendors).

Divas Fair Trade items are hand-crafted year-round by hundreds of indigenous women residing in the highlands of both Peru and Bolivia.  This Minnesota-based company abides strictly by Fair Trade principals, paying a fair wage to the hundreds of rural knitters who hand-craft their products. They are committed to social change by providing conscious consumers with an ethically sourced product.

From bags and yoga accessories to winter knitwear, hundreds of Aymara and Quechua women in the highlands of Bolivia and Peru are busy knitting the items that Divas Fair Trade will sell at events like the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market. Don’t miss your chance to support hard-working indigenous women on Saturday, November 10.


Learn more about the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market, including other vendors you can look forward to seeing, by visiting their website:

3 reasons to attend the 2018 Eau Claire Global Market


For the third year in a row, Eau Claire will be the site of a unique shopping experience: The 2018 Eau Claire Global Market! This one-day event will feature a host of vendors selling Fair Trade products and food items from around the world.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 10 and don’t miss your chance to:

1. Shop handmade products and food items from more than 40 around the globe. Jewelry and accessories from Kenya, scarves and blankets from India and Nepal, greeting cards and bags from South Africa and artwork from Haiti are just a few of the products and countries that will be represented at this year’s market.

2. Discover the people behind more than 20 organizations working to affect positive change. House of Talents seeks to alleviate poverty by connecting talented artisans in developing countries to consumer markets worldwide. The Sari Bazaar’s products support the empowerment of Indian women, often helping them out of the sex trade and giving them training and skills to become independent and self-sufficient. Haiti Allies works hand-in-hand with the Cite Soleil Community School, located in one of the poorest, most violent places in the world. The 2018 Eau Claire Global Market is your chance to meet these unique vendors, hear their stories and learn why they’re so passionate about what they do.

3. Support sustainable livelihoods and community development across the globe. Thanks to the hard work of each Eau Claire Global Market vendor, your purchases will affect positive change around the world, from helping alleviate poverty and support women at risk to fighting human trafficking and providing scholarships for families in need.

To learn more about the Eau Claire Global Market or to register as a vendor, visit our website: